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As Facebook enters it's 9th Anniversary and about as much hype as any company has gotten over that time, it is time to take a look at what it may or may not do for you and what you need to do to make it an additional advertising source. 

Facebook has proven itself, up to this point, to be an excellent venue for social sharing and still for the most part, a free resource.   That is changing a bit and younger folks are starting to move away from it as well as many folks feeling what is called "Facebook Fatigue".   There are also so many social networks like: Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and many, many others giving everyone more options to participate in socail networking. Facebook

Two points to remember:

  • You don't own it! Your Facebook Address is owned by Facebook.  Do not make it you only internet contact point.  Invest in your own website and purchase a domain name.
  • For now Facebook is free to businesses but remember that Facebook is publicly held corporation and the shareholders come first.  Don't be suprised, in time, that certain features are no longer free.

So the question remains is it worth getting a Facebook account.

The simple answer is YES!  If the people that you tap into on facebook are active then it can be a boon to your business, it can be an incredible word of mouth-like sharing experience.  Having an active Facebook account, with fresh content, linked to your site is good to optimize your search engine visibility.  But the real key is to be able keep your workload down to where you can not only update Facebook, but your website, and even send out a tweet from one source. (it can all be done).  If you are using Constant Contact you can set up Facebook to include your email signup and when you send your email campaigns they will automatically be posted to Facebook. 

  1. By all means get a Facebook account for your business and set up all the basic information. (We can help with that)
  2. Add Facebook buttons to your web site, to help promote your use of Facebook.
  3. Add a Facebook feed to your website. Where posts to your Facebook account are available to users of your site.  We can do that for you.
  4. If you are using one of our Joomla CMS websites then we have a component that will link your site to Facebook and feed it information as you add or change information on designated parts of your site. Ask me about it.
  5. Make sure that your email campaigns are linked to Facebook and automatically being posted (if needed).  This can be done through Constant Contact.

In conclusion:

Use Facebook to Supplement & Promote your Web Site not be the primary focus. Ask yourself if for some reason Facebook were gone tomorrow would your web presence be gone? If so, you have put too many eggs in one basket.

If you need assistance in setting up and maintaining your Facebook account contact us.