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Business is slow and you are looking at getting new customers into your business or organization, you start advertising here and there only to see no measurable results or at the very least seeing some results but not having any kind of tools to know id the results are from your advertising campaign.

In this multi-part series I will explore ways that Email Marketing can help your business not only grow but also give you some fantastic Measurable Results so that you can tweak and improve your Email Marketing Program.

Email Results

Connect With Your Customer

So your looking for new customers,  well so is everyone else, it is the constant mission of any organization,  but what about the hundreds,  thousands or even tens of thLove Your Existing Customersousands of customers that have already done business with you? 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you stay in touch with them?
  • Do you reward them for being good customers? 
  • Have you thought about them generating a group of new customers for you by their Word of Mouth? or Clicks of a Keyboard?
  • Do you make it easy for them to do so?
  • Do your customers like you enough to spread the word about your business?

If you answered no to any of the above it is time to look at creating an Email Campaign for your existing customers.  With today's busy lifesyles, sometimes they need a reminder of the great experience they had or the fantastic information that they received from you or any number of events that may have left an impression.  How are you going to remind them if you do not have a way of contacting them?

First and Most Important

This may be a signup sheet, or if you use software where you enter a customers name then make sure you get their email address.  It doesn't matter how you do it, JUST DO IT!   If you don't start now you are losing a fantastic future direct marketing opportunity.

The first question I am asked is: "Can I send emails to customers without their explicit permission, if I do is it spamming?"  In short the answer is YES to Adding & NO It is Not SpammiLearn to Connect With Your Customerng!  As long as you had direct contact with the person about your business they can be added to your email list as long as they do not explicitly say they do not want to be added as a contact.

Let's say you own an Inn and you have a guest or a potential guest, if they provide you an email address without explicitly requesting not to be put onto an email list then they can be added to your email list without you being considered spammer.  On the other hand let's say you own a shop as well as an Inn, if a customer customer stopped in your shop and gave you an email address and name for your shops email list you could not add that customer's information to your Inn's email list that would be considered spamming.

Once you have your Email List together a product like Constant Contact provides you a way to upload your contacts. 

With your contacts loaded the next step is put together your Email Campaign.  

In Part 2 I will get into the details of an Email Campaign with the key being "FOCUS"!

All of us have customers and clients that come through our door, visit our web site, follow us on Facebook and come in contact with us daily and wonder

"Why We Never Write".

It may be we never asked them for a way to get in touch with them or we have and never did anything about it.  By not keeping in touch, you are losing a connection not only with that customer but the possibility of reaching into that customer's social network and expanding beyond that.

An email campaign is part of the answer.

An integrated email campaign allows you to: keep in touch with existing customers; call your customers to take an action; attend an event; donate to a cause; share your information to others thru social media; forward your email to others; share information about your business from your web site and maybe save some money.  All this can be done through emails that are no larger than a 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.   What a great way to promote your business to customers you already know and like you.

WorkSmart, is an accredited Constant Contact Email Solutions Partner, and can provide you with the strategies, integrated solutions  and web-based software to help you keep in contact and build stronger relationships with your customers.

To get started you can signup for your free 60 day trail with Constant Contact and/or contact me to help get you started.