Complete Internet Marketing & Design Solutions

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) for your web site is a critical component to your success on the internet.

We can provide the following services and solutions to make your site more searchable.

  • Analyze your current website for searchability and make recomnendations.
  • Help you select the proper search words to pinpoint where you will be listed and how in the search engine rankings.
  • Update your web site with search words that are required to make your site findable.
  • Submit your web site to the proper search engines including Google and BIng.
  • Monitor search results using many tools including web site statistics and Google Analytics.
  • Use link exchanges to increase your search engine rankings.
  • Get you located on Google and Bing Maps.




Social Media has become a part of marketing your business and web presence.   Facebook, Twiter, LinkedIn, Google + and more are great to be a part of but requires information that is fresh and current.   Many businesses start out with good intentions but they have a business to run and social media updates  gets put on the back burner.   Our social media goals is provide you with the capabilities to Integrate social media with your web site updates and email campaigns to reduce the overall time needed to be spent on each and keeping the information up-to-date.

We can provide the Social Media Solutions and expertise to set up, update, monitor and build your social media presence and to provide the integration necessary so that you can build your social network without loosing focus of your business operation.

Contact us today to start building your social network.


Web sites are designed and tailored to your needs so that: 

  • you can mantain as much or as little of the content as you like
  • it can be integrated with your facebook, twitter or other social media
  • it can be an external web for customers and if needed an internal for your employees or registered users
  • the flexibility is there to accept a toolbox of components such as: calendars, contact forms; picture slide shows; banners; online chat and more. 

Rapid web site devlopement techniques are employed with the amount of your involvement controlled by you.

Web Site Management is always provided for the following:

  • Backups of site template and data
  • Updating of software components
  • Hosting
  • 24/7 Trouble Tracking

You have the control over how much of your content that you would like us to manage.  From you maintaining all of your content to a combination of you and us to us managing your content.


A properly focused and designed email campaign allows you to: connect with your customers, inform your customers and to grow your customer base in turn providing you the increased sells, donations or event attendence.   This is not a one-time happening but is a ongoing pocess that takes time and effort but the results are very rewarding and profitable. WorkSmart can make your email marketing campaigns call your customers to action.

WorkSmart can provide you with a complete email campaign designed to:

  • drive traffic to your web site to purchase products or services.
  • announce provide the ability to purchase tickets for your events.
  • solicite and receive donations.
  • implement groupon like save local campaigns.
  • social media campaigns and integration.